Savvy Sof 


April 22, 2021

Sofia Printemps

If you’re feeling stressed because you’re behind on filing your taxes this year, you have a little more time to gather everything and get your taxes done. The federal tax deadline has been moved to May 15th. 

You can thank the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service for giving us a little more time by moving back the filing date, and in turn, giving the I.R.S. a little more time as well due to interruptions by the coronavirus pandemic.

To check if any other changes are made in the upcoming weeks you can check the Federal I.R.S. website at There are also many more helpful pieces of information on the website including tracking your tax return once you file to see when you will get your return, information on stimulus payments, and information on how to file your tax return.

This year's tax returns are more complicated than ever due to economic stimulus payments, many people who had unemployment compensation, and changes to the tax guidelines. Using this website will help guide you to helpful information to know what to expect with this year's tax return.

After last year's shutdown due to the pandemic, there is a backlog of returns still being handled from 2019 and 2020 and the I.R.S. even started processing tax returns this year a little later to give themselves time to catch up.

Some states are following the federal extension, and other states stuck with the April 15th deadline so you'll want to check your state's website to see how the state taxes are being handles where you live.

Contributed by: Christina F.